Do-It-Yourself Rainwater Harvesting Kit

This bench holds 65 gallons of rainwater and can be positioned anywhere in your landscape-as far away as 70 feet from your downspout.



Some of the answers to this question are obvious –
*You can use the rain to water your gardens and landscape plants

*Helps to recharge the groundwater level

*Protects against drought, especially during watering bans

*Saves money on your watering bill

*Helps protect against flooding

*Plants love rainwater

Rain Bench

How Rain Bench Works


But what if you’re in an area that is rarely dry?

These answers are not so obvious-consider this-
*Stormwater runoff is not clean water and the pollutants it carries harms our lakes and streams.

*To effectively clean this water, it needs to soak into the ground. The ground is a natural filter. Save the rain and then release it slowly into your landscape.

* Rain and melting snow that flows off streets, rooftops, paved driveways, patios, parking lots, and other nonpermeable surfaces carries salt, oil, litter, and many other pollutants into nearby waterways. Even runoff from lawns carries pesticides and fertilizers that fuel the growth of algae and aquatic weeds.

*Be prepared for the dry year

*Water whenever you want to or need to, not when your city managers allow it.

It is easy for us to take it for granted that clean water will always be there whenever we turn on the faucet and then we read stories where that isn’t true anymore.
My motto is “MAKE IT LAST”.

Rain Bench



Use your rain barrel as a bench or table!

Connect as many as you want with underground tubing!

Build to suit your decor--you select the materials and style!


Bottom filling-

How and Why does it work?

Position the rain diverter in your downspout higher
than your rain bench, bury the tubing or garden hose under the surface
of the ground or patio and gravity does the rest!


Easy assembly with just a skill saw and a drill - You simply purchase:

1) 4x8 sheet of exterior grade plywood
2) 2x2x6' lumber
2) 2x2x8' lumber and stain or paint to fit your decor


Rain Bench Includes:

1) Illustrated instructions to build your Rain Bench
1) Custom 2-ply waterproof liner
1) 1' UV-resistant tubing, 1" I.D.
2) Reducers, 2"x1" thread
1) 1" Tee thread to barb (insert)
2) 1" insert to 3/4" hose adapter
1) Garden Hose Shut-off Valve
1) Roll Teflon thread tape, 250'



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